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It’s the little things in our house….

Our schedule is a bit crazy, and I am not complaining, it just is.  And because it is sooo busy we tried something different this week. I first have to share some pretty boring details before I tell you the change.  Emerson usually has gymnastics on Monday & Friday from 4-6.  The Friday practice is always a bummer.  We only have math to do on Friday, so when we would  get together with our other homeshool friends we would have to stop the fun to get her to practice.  We could just skip practice and sometimes we do….But she is on a team and has meets so she really needs the workouts.  But that would mean that she would have to turn down the play-day invites and sleepovers.  And I am not even talking about what this practice was doing to Family Fun Friday!! SOOO, I found out that we had the option to go the gym on Wednesday @ 5:45-7:45….getting home @8:15.  Not much better when you have a family of 5 to feed!!! Here comes the fun stuff!! We decided to have CEREAL for dinner!!! Never before have we had cereal for dinner!! Oh my gosh the kids were excited!! We hardly ever have cereal so this was a DREAM come true for my troops!! If the stuff is good enough to start the day, surely it is good enough to end the day, right?




P.S.  Emerson loves to take pictures….thought I would share!!


Emi loves to take photos of herself....



and pictures of the Bears Baseball Game....



and pictures of me....



I’ve had a tragic loss…

I am pretty sure that I got ya with that tag line….BUT don’t worry it is not bad…well…hmm.  I am quite sure that if there are any men out there that read my blog, they will not not have any idea about my current topic.  HAIR!! I have been working through this inside my head…should I write about this or not….hmm,YES!! So here is the thing…I have lived here in New England for about 5 years….it TOOK ME 3 1/2 YEARS to find my girl and I HAD 2 wonderful years with her….And then she moved.  That is my TRAGEDY!!  So see, I am sure the men just took off, but you ladies can relate, RIGHT?  Has this ever happened to YOU?? UG! And here is the even funnier thing….I AM A PAIN IN THE BUTT as a client…..I do not think I would want to cut my hair!!  I never make appointments…I would wake up and look in the mirror and decide that today is the day I need a cut….and before I found Shelley, I would call and search until someone could cut my hair THAT DAY!!  SEE, I told you I was a wreck!! But then I found her…and she was AWESOME.  I still never made an appointment…and when that dreaded day came Shelley was there!! Here is the other thing I would say, ” I am tired of short, but don’t want it long, and I really do not like layers.” HMM, this is when I would have kicked ME out the door…but not Shelley….she would look at me sort of funny and say “Weellllll, let’s see” and then she would start tugging and pulling and asking pointed questions about my hair….and then really I would say something of the sort, like “You are the creative, hair lady….create away” And every single time she would make  me look beautiful!! People would wow and awe over my hair! And she was also a wonder with color! Oh how I miss my Shelley. So now I am on the hunt for a new girl…and my hair is kind of a wreck….I feel that I am approaching “THE DAY”.  I have put in a few phone calls but in the end I am just afraid that the new girl will not meet the standards.  But I guess I am going to have suck it up. This little story is for all those girls who stand on their feet all day to make us look and feel wonderful.  And have to put up with crazy clients like me!! CHEERS TO YOU!! Wish me luck out there in hair world!!

P.S. I feel a little weird about posting all these

pictures of myself…..LOL!!

Dinner of the week….Eggplant!!

I have finally conquered that odd purple vegetable! Up until very recently, I did not like eggplant….mostly because it made my tongue tickle so I always thought I was allergic to it.  But I get these emails….Dinner Tonight from Martha Stewart, and this one looked scrumptious!! It is Eggplant and Mozzarella Melt.  I will show you the pictures but then I found this nifty way to up-load the recipe straight to my page! So here it it….Martha Stewart – Dinner Tonight.  The only thing I did a bit different was:

1) I peeled the eggplant…I think that pretty purple stuff is what made my tongue tickle.

2) I used panko bread crumbs.

3) I added my own garlic-butter to the bread BEFORE putting the marinara sauce on the bread.(email me if you want the garlic-butter)

We served this with a tiny side of pasta and some asparagus. The kids were okay with it…not their favorite. But Mike and I loved this dinner! Hope you enjoy it too! I would love to hear from you about it!! Have a wonderful day! With Love…..Sher

The Mozzarella....

This ain’t your Mamm’s coffee pot….

I have been wanting to write about our new coffee maker.  I realize that we are a bit behind in this movement…..everyone we know has one of these machines!  I am talking about the single cup coffee makers.  We received ours as a gift…from our Cadet’s parents….what a gift it has turned out to be!!! Let me tell you first about our coffee thing…A long time ago…like 16 years ago, I DID NOT drink coffee, only Mike.  But about 14 years ago I had a little taste of Dunkin Donuts…light and sweet…that is how you order it up here….AND it is really like having a splash of coffee in your cream and sugar!! So anyway, fast forward to now….I drink a lot of coffee as does Mike and the children even try to get in on it on the weekends, with Special Coffee…(milk, sugar,tiny splash of coffee….) and then the 5 of us sit around drinking our COFFEE!


The Old Timer...


So back to the GIFT….we received a TASSIMO….a coffee maker that will make a single cup of coffee, cappuccinos, hot chocolate and tea! WOW! talk about a little bit of fun in the morning….THE CHOICES!!  We can choose from Seattles’s Best, Gevalia, Starbucks the list goes on….My kids love the hot chocolate.


The Tassimo.



Hot Chocolate


I love our new little coffee pot…Have you had your coffee yet this morning? Good Day!


The Variety.....


October in New England…and I’m a liar!

Macoun Apple tree...best apples ever!

Living in New England has it’s moments…And this past weekend was one of them.  The family went apple picking at the local orchard….we also have done this every year we have lived here.  It doesn’t take too long…about an hour.  We usually walk away with about 20lbs of apples.  Although, this year we did get some pears.  Like I have said before, and this is where my little lie comes in….we USUALLY just eat the darn things…..but I guess because I put it in writing that we do nothing special with them, I then felt the need to  make some caramel apples!!  Nothing fancy…just some caramel and some sprinkles.  It TRULY is the the little things in life that make it so wonderful. Have a great day! Sher

Inside an apple tree is Gannon!

Look ma "I can pick it without looking!"

Peek a Boo

I love this shot!

All Shined Up!

Colors of Fall in New England

All Dressed up With Caramel....

Peek a Boo...again...

Milk Delivery…

As I have stated before, I grew up in Wyoming…on a cattle ranch….with cows, chickens, pigs and horses.  I have to say that while I was actually living there, I wasn’t very appreciative of what I had.  When I lived there I ate some of the best beef, some of the best eggs and milk straight from the cow.  Fast forward 20 years….where in today’s society there is so much talk about the “food” we eat.  In our house we try to eat pretty healthy…we go through spurts of healthy vs. bad food!! We do cook most of our dinners and try to bake the cookies that we eat.  One of the healthy treats we buy is milk.  About 3 years ago, I found a Raw Milk farm….ahhh, raw milk you say? Raw milk is milk that is not pasteurized…..It is just milk, straight from the Jersey Cow!! This milk is the best tasting stuff you will ever find! And because it comes from the Jersey Cow, there is a TON of cream.  Our family brags about this milk….and now there are 5 families that go to the Farm to get this yummy milk.  It is a little pricey but oh-so-worth-it.  So about every 5 weeks I trek up to the Farm to get about 15 half gallons of milk and then delivery to my friends. Today my milk was just delivered to my door!

p.s. I make yogurt…and I am going to ATTEMPT to make home-made coffee creamer & some cheese….I will let you know how that turns out…;-)

Friday Fun.

So it is Friday morning and we have a very light school day so the kids are playing.  I love it when they play so nicely together….this usually happens when they should be doing something else….like school.  But since it is their light day, I am letting it slide.  We are in the Northeast….so we are getting some outter bands of the weather that has been smacking the south around. And they are doing this….……………..PLAYING IN THE RAIN………….And my first thought was “NO!” But is there really a reason for me to say no? No, not really.  So as I sit and write this little blog of mine, they are playing some game with a big blue ball and having a great time!  So on that fun little note….have a wonderful weekend! Sher

p.s. Thank YOU to all of you who have stopped by my little blog…..I was soooo Giddy yesterday…..I could hardly concentrate!! 😉

If only I had a better camera and lens.....someday